Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Stuff and the Ever-Enjoyable Sticky Hand

I can't say I've been totally relaxed today. But some sweet stuff happened that made me smile:

Walking down the street to post signs for our garage sale, we spotted neighbors outside. My son wound up playing with them and I got to talk. Just a nice, spontaneous moment.

While putting laundry away, my six-year-old (who was helping!) got distracted by a toy in his bedroom. He sat on the floor next to his baby brother (who was paging through a book with a serious look on his face) and the two of them sat quietly and companionably for a few minutes.

Everyone had fruit at lunch, counteracting - in my mind at least - the effects of any Cheetos ingested earlier in the day. Plus the baby fed himself his turkey sandwich, pickle, and grapes (mastering the pincer grasp and such healthy eating!).

After lunch, my son got really into playing with his sticky hand, a toy that just never fails to crack me up.

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