Thursday, June 6, 2013


Ah, the freedom of abandoning a plan! I've decided not to go to the mall, which means:
  • no packing up a diaper bag.
  • no driving while tired.
  • no hassling with my son to get him into another outfit.
  • no rushing out the door to get there in a timely fashion.
  • no bargaining for time in "my" stores.
  • no spending money I don't have.
  • no worrying about the fussy baby getting even more fussy in a public place.
So many things I don't have to do today, but I do have to pay the price of not getting to see my mom, who we were planning to meet. The fact is, I'm just plan too tired. This is why a '70s summer is so appealing to me. It's supposed to be relaxing, flexible. You just can't do everything you want to do even if there are a million fun things begging you to take part. Who has that kind of energy?

Of course, tomorrow's another story. I've happily rescheduled and we're going to the mall!

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