Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Going to Rain Today

Maybe. Which is actually the worst kind of forecast. You can't plan an outdoor activity with any confidence. But the minute you commit to spending the day indoors, you just know the sun will come out.

Anyway my plan is to try and get the kids' picture taken at the mall. (Free and cheap attractions there include a pet store with snakes, a glass elevator, a soft pretzel place, a fountain, a kids' play area, and some little rides - not to mention the stores for me!) I picked out some cute outfits for the boys and threw them in the dryer with a wet towel to dewrinkle. (Works great!) The baby is wearing his now.

My older son? He opted for wrinkled shorts from his drawer - "These are better, because they don't have buttons!" - and a tie-dyed T-shirt. 
  • Will I be able to talk him into wearing the more portrait-friendly outfit after school?
  • Will the baby's face remain free of the mysterious red bumps he had earlier in the week?
  • Will I be up for the trip by this afternoon when I'm already feeling like it's nap time at 9:30 in the morning?
Tune in later to find out!

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