Monday, July 8, 2013

Things That May Happen If You Turn Off Your Cell Phone For Several Hours

1. You will miss a million calls from telemarketers.

2. Your baby will take an extended morning nap.

3. You will magically find the time to clean up the breezeway, packed with items that did not sell at your garage sale weeks ago.

4. You will be energized by your success in the breezeway and decide to bring both kids out the store and to a garage sale.

5. You will miss several calls from your husband.

6. You also will miss several text messages from your husband.

7. And you won't see that you have voicemail.

8. You will watch a little T.V. during your baby's second nap, blissfully unaware that anyone important is trying to reach you.

9. You will feel relaxed and - not remembering your phone is off - you will wonder why.

10. Minutes before your husband arrives home, you will check your phone and see that you have voicemail. And texts.

11. You will feel badly that you did not get back to your husband, a bike commuter, who only wanted to meet for ice cream rather than riding home.

12. You will kiss your husband as he walks in the door.

13. You will go out for ice cream anyway.

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